Thursday, January 7, 2010

good love.

i have decided that there only two things in the world that are the most important for me to remember.

am i good?
do i love?

within those questions are thousands of answers and more questions and they all lead back to those two.

being good, for me, is being connected to the source and essence of life- which is god, goddess, and love.

loving is being mindful and kind in every way and everything i do-to myself, family, actions, thoughts, daily routines.

there is a buddhist saying that says we should live each day like it is our last, we will find much joy in our lives then.

this helps me unbelievably when i get caught up in my own tangled webs of discontent or complaining (which is really just another way of hiding something, i find)

the best part about turning 31 is the awakening i feel.

my baby has her appointment tomorrow and either way we will know more.

i feel more at peace with everything, as i know that we will just continue to love her as we have been doing. most of it is out of my control. i have to let go.

on a completely different note, we got some rugs and something to hold our records, and something to hold our shoes, and our apartment feels different on an energetic level.
its amazing how sometimes the most simple of tasks can make such important changes.

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