Sunday, May 9, 2010

our own little magical cottage.

we found a magical cottage with a yard covered in morning glories.

we are moving from portland oregon back to san diego.

the "coincedences" are too weird- the landlord just moved from portland.
our four year olds favorite color is purple and her room is purple.
we just painted my brother in laws studio pale green and our room in the cottage is pale green.
i used to live on this street many many years ago.
it is a magical cottage with hardwood floors, a washer and dryer and a back yard where i can garden. it fits all of my criteria. it is less then five minutes from the school i want my four year old to go to.

the universe will meet your needs if you ask. i have seen it time and time again.

on another note, i have spent the last 5 days taking care of our four year old who either has the stomach flu or food poisoning....i mean, mothers day is every day when you are a parent! i have to admit, though, sometimes i fantasize about sleeping for three days and my favorite beach in kauai with nobody on it except for me.
more later.