Tuesday, January 5, 2010


big week this week.
babies endo appt on friday-
today i am taking my girls to a naturopathic physician to see why my three (almost 4 holy cow!) year old has excema on her arms and why its getting worse.
i am working out again.
my man and i are organizing and our apartment feels more liveable.
have you seen food inc?
the doc on food/where it comes from/how and why?
it is beyond disturbing.
it really inspired my husband and he now wants to eat the way i do- healthy, fresh, organic, non gmo, veggie.

i am up before my family, sipping coffee in my elvis mug.
doesnt get much better then that.

lately we have been talking about getting off the grid completely.

i want to manifest a garden. i want to can and jar my own produce for the winter.
i want to stop complaining and count my blessings.
i want to swim in the ocean.
i want to laugh more.
i want to s t r e t c h.
i want to finish MY PAINTING!
i want to never give up.

i want to remember my divinity and i want to remember yours too.

i want to create always. always.

the rain falls (surprise surprise) but somehow i am learning to accept it. . .
you wear galoshes!

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