Tuesday, November 10, 2009


i had to get new tires put on our car today and it completely threw me out of my game, as i had soo many things to do for our trip to california, packing, errands, cleaning, etc.

im sitting at the tire place with the baby and my three year old and she is running around all over the place (i bribed her with popcorn) and the baby is fussing and it took a full hour OVER the time they said it would take.

and im grumbling and muttering and complaining and rolling my eyes and sighing and fidgeting and in general feeling annoyed (and im sure being very annoying) and i finally get the car and im stomping in puddles getting the kids in their car seats

and we get in the car.

and i look up and see a double rainbow.

a double rainbow!

and all three of us are staring into this beautiful, vast, rainy (yet sunny too!) pacific northwest sky and we start to giggle and we start talking about rainbows, and i see other people notice the rainbows, and pointing at the rainbows, and my dreary complainy day completely shifted.

sometimes, to see the rainbows, you have to look up.

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