Monday, November 23, 2009

to be wed.

this sounds weird, but this song helped me make the decision to marry my husband, five long years ago...

(and this is some writing i did concerning getting married and my passion for my husband....we have had a long road with time apart, but we are still together.

concrete blonde's "someday" is playing into my soul.

have you ever had your "someday" become your now?

i sit in this september light, writing to you, and realize that we are creatures that are ever changing. we are responsible for our growth. we may not "change" people, but we most certainly effect them.

we change ourselves, however, and when your life is around the corner, and then you are climbing its hills, wading through its waters, weeping in its sorrows, predicting, breathing, becoming, evolving, ever wishing, ~

well. my someday has somehow hurdled through space towards me, since i was a child, and before that, even, the soul that is mine and mine alone, the me that is galaxies and star blood and moon shadows, this yet another blink of the universal eye, an outbreath of the goddess, a destiny i have caught up with.

bands of sparkling symbols circle round the ring finger of my left hand.

i chose not in fear but in trust and love.

dreams of writing and castles and books and flowers and babies in spain serenade me...

i blush and laugh into myself, this unpredictable and yet so perfect happening.

a wife? yes, and so much more.

i write this at the beginning of yet another journey and adventure as a woman, a soul.

i want to share the joy i feel with all who read this~

the whys and hows and whats are inconcesequential, what matters is our open hearts.

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