Tuesday, November 10, 2009

quick words.

my life seems to be comprised of bits and pieces, little slots of times, jolts and starts, lulls and silences.

when i catch my breath, i realize i have been breathing too fast.

i was nestled in between my two girls last night and i felt momentary bliss. and i realized that bliss is always momentary, otherwise it would just be normal. bliss is not supposed to be every day- its supposed to be infused into the ordinary so we sit up and take notice.

my three year old asked me the other day if we could see God. i said well, you can see God when you look at the trees and mountains and skies and clouds. and she said oh, like God is painting! and then she said do kitty cats love God? and i said yes. and then she thought for a moment..... and said, and puppy dogs?

and that is what it is all about.

on another note, we bought a de-chlorinator for our bath tub and my daughters excema is going away and my skin is softer as well. who knew? god bless google.

i am trying to remember that sometimes inspiration does not find me, sometimes i have to conjure it up by sheer acts of will.

send me good wishes for my road trip with two small little ones.
i will take pics from the road to show you.

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