Thursday, June 4, 2009

rain rain.

its been sweltering hot here.

today, this afternoon, the thunderclouds rolled in. the air filled with electricity and energy. each tree vibrated with its own essence, its own shade of vibrant green, and the wind whipped the branches around like hair blowing around a beautiful womans face.

i stepped outside and breathed in the marvelous air-i started laughing at the feeling of it all. it was this alive, whipping, windy, energy filled AIR and the sky was pulsating with a strange, odd light, and it felt like fingertips were running along my line of vision and wiping my sight clean.

the heirloom tomatoes i bought today were so full and heavy that when i gently squeezed one juice dribbled out.

i tucked lavender that i grew into my bra as a perfume.

i laughed today and smiled today.

today i played with my little girls instead of folding laundry.

the rain came down and rinsed me clean.

all is holy and bright.

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Hector Diego said...

Almost impossible to read green on green.

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