Wednesday, May 6, 2009

you know your a mom when.

you know your a mom of two young children when:

doing one load of laundry is a three day process-loading it in the washer, transfering it to the dryer, and then folding and putting it away. because every time you try to get to the next step, something else that is more important needs to get done first. and on. and on.

that when one (or more if your lucky) rooms of your house is spotless there are other rooms that are sure to be in complete chaos.

that the person you are having a conversation with on the phone must also listen to you eat, discpiline your child, and pay bills at the same time.

whenever you try to sit down and write, paint, cook, clean, go to the bathroom or take a shower, your baby will wake up from her nap. ALWAYS.

you start to pick restaurants that are "child friendly" not for other people, but because you realize its easier FOR YOU.

you look down at your shirt/dress/jacket and realize no, those are not polka dots, they are a combination of boogers, snot, and spit up.

a glass of wine is attitude altering.

that 7 minutes in the bathtub is bliss.

you tell the adults around you that you have to go "potty".

the sesame street/barney/calliou/big big world/dora theme songs are constantly running through your brain.

playdoh is your new therapy.

you start saying things like "im going to count to three!" and not know what you are going to do when you get to 3.

when you call your spouse your childs name.

when being exhausted from only getting 4 hours of sleep a night (and not in a row, either) becomes normal. you function. somehow. (coffee thats how!)

you become wiser, kinder, stronger, gentler, fiercer, and more yourself then you ever thought possible. that no matter how difficult it is being responsible for someone elses life, feeling those sticky-sweet arms around you neck and hearing "hey mommy i wub you because you are my best fwiend!" makes it all completely worth it.

its nice being the center of someones universe. it gives meaning and purpose and importance.


shesleepswithseaglass said...

Awwwwwwww, I love this MamaGoddessShaktiGirl!



faerian said...

i sooooo hear you SHAKTI! The spit up days are long gone but my house mess, wine altering, brain for Wiggles songs (but Calliou's theme tune is megacatchy)and the thought of a 7 minute bath being bliss are all too present still.... this too shall pass.xxxfaerian

Hector Diego said...

How about some pictures?

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