Monday, May 18, 2009

good things.

things that are good-

deeply inhaling the scent of my three month old baby, smooching her big cheeks and listening to her gurgle and coo.
answering my three year old's questions like, "who dis god be? where he is?" and her shaking my hand and exclaiming "nice to meet ya, son!" or when she says, to her baby sister, "your sooo cute, little fella!"
the soft spring rain outside my window.
not knowing how all the details will work, but seeing them work out anyhow.
the extremely rude man at the dmv the first time i went, and then making him laugh the second time i went, and then chatting amiably the third time i went. i made him laugh despite himself.
those vegan chocolate chip cookies at trader joes.
noticing the difference in my body, energy, mood and flexibility since i started working out.
our new couches! (our old couch hurt- it was like kleenex wrapped around metal)
the petunias, geraniums, lavender, basil, thyme, and the hummingbird feeder that we put on our teeny tiny porch. its small, but it can be beautiful.
my clean and peaceful home.

i am so hard on myself.
i realize that it is good to let go of my addiction to my own long lost sadness, and rejoice in the good things. my children are beautiful and healthy, i have food in my fridge, there are hot pink tulips in the hand painted mexican vase on my kitchen table and my life, tonight, is sweet and it is good.
what are your good things?

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