Sunday, May 24, 2009

trying to find a balance.

i snuck out of bed with the baby to guzzle coffee and watch sunday morning. i nursed her and checked my email with one hand. the sun is shining and the sky is blue and the air is still. the little finches that live and play in the abandoned tree trunk out side of our balcony are making cute little chirping noises.
the baby is sleeping in the swing now and i have a few minutes.

being a mom is an often difficult juggling act. i am constantly trying to find the balance of my own creative desires and the needs of my family. both must be in order, or both suffer.
i have canvasses screaming to be painted, words stomping their feet to be written- and yet food must be cooked and errands must be run and laundry must be folded and the carpets must be vacuumed because cleanliness is important too and the baby must be nursed and i must stop to answer the questions of my three year old and my life just marches along, like it or not, painting or writing or not.

so how to find the balance? not sure yet- i am trying to just write when i can. sometimes it is literally a sentence or two.

i KNOW there are other moms out there, who are artists and strong women- how do YOU do it?

i think this blog will be a lot more interesting when i can add some photos...still figuring out how to do that.

its funny because for years people have told me to write a blog- and now that i am writing one, i believe it is just for me. as long as i can say i am writing then that is good. thats a start.

happy sunday to all.

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Hector Diego said...

It is never easy to be an author, but it is worth it.

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