Wednesday, May 20, 2009

body talk.

my hair is threaded through with gray, but i was blonde most of my life and have also been a redhead and a brunette.
my eyes have seen wondrous things, also sorrow filled things and bad things. and lots of beauty.
my lips have parted in laughter and turned down in sadness and opened for food and kissed my husband and little girls sweetly. they sing on occasion too.
my arms hold babies and laundry baskets, bags of groceries and cut flowers wrapped in brown paper.
my hands paint on canvasses and hold books to read in the bathtub and put earth into pots that grow herbs and flowers. they apply lipstick and button sweaters and chop potatoes.
my hips allow me to squat in yoga and secure my legs which have carried me, in a long, wide stance, they are a resting place to put my hand when i am making a point. they are reminiscent of my italian grandmother and also of being a mother-carrying two children between my hips makes them round and powerful.
my legs have danced and danced and walked from town to city to beach and back again.
my feet have been called beautiful and my toenails are almost always lacquered red. i have a silver toe ring on the second toe of each foot. my feet support the work my body does with very little complaint.
i am learning to love my body .
a friend told me yesterday, you look taller and you are glowing.
and i felt that way too.

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