Friday, May 29, 2009

waxing philosophical on a saturday night.

it is hot here now.
the spring flowers have turned into the lushness of summer-green.
my baby is getting fat and gorgeous and my three year old is turning into a lady.
i find myself down sometimes.
i manage it with positive thinking and hope.

we got a record player and we are spinning vinyl non stop- folk songs from hawaii and ballads from joan baez and love songs from joni mitchell and gospel songs from elvis and classical music from mozart and show tunes from the 40's and grateful dead and spanish boleros and sexy blues and melancholy jazz.

have you ever heard rubber soul on vinyl? i highly suggest it.

music changes everything.

tonight i plead with myself for patience and gentleness, postpartum hormones kick in so quickly and swiftly sometimes that i dont know how to manage.

so i just breathe and pray it passes without moments passing me by.

its all we have, these thousands of moments that make up our lives. who knows when the reality of our lives as we know it changes irrevocably?

i try to remind myself to fall lushly in love with every exact detail of this experience- because just as soon as that is said and done, something else will come to take its place. when you are experiencing, you are alive.

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