Tuesday, May 19, 2009

no more worry!

i am a HUGE worrier.
i worry about everything.
sometimes i feel like i cant turn my mind off.

i worry about e.coli, ebola, west nile, swine flu, nuclear war, poverty, hungry children, pesticides, toxins in plastic, paint, carpet and the air we breathe, white flour, sugar, fat, mean people, cancer, aluminum in my deodorant and in my pots and pans, my children getting hurt or worse, lead in my pipes and drinking water, not being a good mom, and so much more.
i think i spend a good deal of my day stressing and worrying subconsciously and consciously.

having children is such an immense job, that i think i became even more of a worrier after i became a mother.

today i am saying no to worry and just being present in my own life. i am sipping a cup of strong italian coffee and there was a spring storm that passed through that made the leaves on the trees spin and twirl. the air is cleansing and pure and the flowers on our balcony the size of a matchbook makes it bright and pretty.

i stretched on my living room floor this morning and did some situps. they dont take nearly as long nor are they nearly as hard as i thought.

today, i let go completely of my worry-gremlins and breathe a little deeper. i feel grateful for my life and family. life is so short, a blink of an eye, really....worrying just makes me worry!

what worries do you want to let go of?

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