Saturday, September 4, 2010

its been a long time.

major shifts happening.

the theme of my life right now is change. i cut off my hair and i am losing weight.
i am seeing and doing several different healing type of therapies ranging from conventional to alternative and i feel different on a cellular level.

my four year old starts school next week.
that leaves me with our toddler and the time will shift and sway, with one child to care for during the day instead of two.

the ocean yesterday swept in and out of my newly shorn hair and i breathed in the ions and i smelled and felt fall on its way.
time to paint again and sweep clean the cobwebs in the corners. time to wake up a bit earlier to sit quietly with my thoughts before the children wake, time to drink more tea and less coffee. time to carve out the time that feels most important. time to listen to the calling within me that comes from the source of my power, my creativity, from god and goddess.

time to recognize my own divinity and not just everyone elses. time to smile from my heart and not just my lips.

time to let go of old ways of being that keep me down, time to expand upward and outward, towards the heavens and beyond- towards infinity.

i let my fears slip away, a vintage slip- familiar and dramatic but with an acrid odor and moth holes- fall from my shoulders, fragment into fabric pieces that dissolve effortlessly into the abyss, making room for a new slip, with reinforced seams and a structured lining. and a petticoat with antique lace.

today i toss away labels of my "past" and let each experience of my life benefit me in the form of spiritual revelations.

revelations in each exact moment, to heal me.

with autumn on the way, i bow my head with respect for the summer and all i have learned up to this very moment in time.

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