Friday, July 2, 2010

palm trees and the breeze from the seas.

opening my self to my self takes practice.
i practice and practice, sometimes i forget,
sometimes i dont try, sometimes my life practice of becoming more authentically me is like a 3rd grader squeaking away on the violin.
i am putting roots down, maybe not forever, but for now, and sweeping the cobwebs of my life, literally, off the hardwood floors of my new little magical cottage, and out the door.
i am trying to be more patient with myself, my daughters, my husband.
i am re-learning, re-believing, and opening up my heart and soul to my lifes work.
what that lifes work is, i am not sure i know.
either way, it sometimes hurts but its worth it.
my head hurts, and it feels like old patterns exiting through my brain.
i feel amazing things waiting for ahead and i am ready to allow all wonderful things into my existence.
are you?

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