Friday, March 19, 2010

spring forward.

its spring now. here in the pacific northwest, that means a lot of things. it means longer days, flowers bursting out of the center divide, in alleys, alongside roads, on the trees and in gardens. i planted primroses in the hail and 4 out of 6 nasturtiums are taking hold.
it means hints of sun where there was none in the deepest darkest parts of winter.
it means hope.
we are going to spain this summer.
i have been trying to network and do photo shoots to gather pictures and experience for my portfolio.
i am learning a lot about myself as a mother and wife.
we visited my family in florida and that was really good and good for me and my husband.
i am making changes in my life that feel really good. i feel inspired.
i am exercising again.
i am going to dust off the juicer.
i am going to stretch.
i am going to be more kind, to myself and to all of my conflicts and challenges. by this i mean, i am going to surround my hurts/pain/obstacles with kindness. i see things grow if kindness surrounds it.

books i am loving right now is anything by eckhart tolle and shakti gawain.

making time for myself.

making time for friends- its a ladies night tonight.

if you want peace, you have to be peace.

i am breathing in peace. and spring.

i WILL be posting pictures soon.
i have to show you spring. the trees look like veils of blossoms. its quite extraordinary.

and how is spring treating you?

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