Tuesday, March 30, 2010

california, im coming home!

even though we live in portland now, california will always be my home.
and even more specifically, the BEACHES of california are my home.

and speaking of beaches, i tried on a bathing suit today and was horrified.
until i realized that while my body is a body of a mother of two with not a lot of discipline what makes me beautiful is my

sense of humor

and NOT my body. and so i am going to wear a bathing suit, bravely, on the beaches of southern california, because NOT going to the beach with my children, feeling the warm sun, swimming in the ocean would be a tragedy. and it would speak volumes to my two daughters about body concsiousness, and whom i want to teach to love their bodies.

so, california, i have missed you and your beautiful beaches, and most of all the sun. we get to shed layers of clothing for each 100 miles we drive.

cant wait.
oh, and bok choy garden? my most favorite veggie chinese restaurant in the world? you are closed. CLOSED AFTER GOING THERE FOR 15 YEARS! i bid you a bittersweet goodbye. sob, sniff. i will visit your sister restaurant in berkeley. you will be missed.
change happens. you have to roll with it.
anyone going anywhere fun soon?

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Hector Diego said...

I applaud your determination to show your daughters how to be a real woman.

And I sympathize with you about Bok Choy Garden. That was the best restaurant I have ever been to.

The gods are weeping.

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