Thursday, October 15, 2009


its fall here now.
my oldest is in preschool and the baby is getting glasses today. we started a new treatment to shrink the hemangioma that has caused some vision loss, and no side effects! i am so grateful. as a mother, i want my children to be:
in that order. fall in the pacific northwest is a beautiful time- i have lived here almost a year! i was pregnant when i moved here last year,and now i have been here almost a complete year- i got here after the fall though, so this is the first time i have experienced it-it seems like the trees are ablaze with coppers, golds, oranges, yellows, crimsons, reds, auburns. at the farmers markets, the apples are in, and hot spiced cider.
i am starting to prepare root veggies and squash for dinners, and its light when we get up in the morning.
my husband and i speak of staying, of leaving, of renting a house in mexico, of saving for spain for next summer, of all of our dreams. it almost does not matter what we choose to do, as long as we do it as a family. really, where they are is my home. location is secondary.
i am practicing gentleness with myself- a hard one. i have not worked out in a long time, and i have to get back in....
we got a new (to us) station wagon and it is so safe and luxurious compared to the toyota we were driving, it really makes a difference in my driving- the girls are protected by side impact airbags and it is clean and cozy and i can listen to cds! exciting.
my life is blessed. my goals for this week are: a little bit of writing, painting, and stretching and blessing my body with movement. what are yours?


Goddess Leonie said...

hey sweet woman...
your babies are beautiful... and so are you darling.
big hugs and love to you and your sweet life...

Hilary said...

I am so happy that the treatment went well. Your girls are so dear. My goal is to get through this move into our new home down the street. Wishing you health, happiness, and harmony.

leigh said...

wow, your girls are gorgeous! just like you. great to see what's going on in your world. <3

~ leigh (dreamgirl)

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