Thursday, August 27, 2009

a work of art.

last week sucked.

i felt out of control and weepy and sick and sad.

i took the girls to a bakery to get a grilled cheese for my three year old (she loves them, takes after her mama!) and i was holding my baby in the sling.

there was an old woman with brown sandals sipping soup at a near by table. i noticed her looking.

my face was red from crying, and my body was weak from the flu. i felt like i could not go on. i walked to the counter by her to pick up the grilled cheese, and she said
"i could not stop staring at you. you are so beautiful with your beautiful children and your face. you are a work of art"

well, i did what any sane person would do and promptly burst into tears.
it was a lovely moment and i told her so.

but this week is a different week. this week i am watering plants and tidying in my underwear (its hot here) with cuban boleros playing quite loudly.

i am thinking of much needed changes coming up for our family- a trip, a party, a move to house (we live in an apartment).....

i am feeling more whole, more settled, more me.

i am feeling the itch of paint to canvas, of word to paper, of smile to lips.

i am feeling ready to go. and ready to grow.


Victoria SkyDancer said...

Hola, beautiful...
Mind if I include you in my Blog Squad?
You never cease to inspire me... :-)

Blessed Be,
Victoria SkyDancer

shaktigirl. said...

hii victoria! sooo nice to see you here. welcome to my word/world! :)



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