Friday, August 7, 2009

it seems like i only write several minutes at a time. SO i decided to post everything from the last week or so, even though some of them are only sentences. starting from most recent...


sometimes i want to say SCREW the predictablity and complacency of life in the suburbs! LETS GO TO KAUAI or SPAIN or MEXICO and buy a little old rv and GO FOR IT while the kids are not in school and because we are young and because we CAN!!!

i dont WANT TO GROW OLD and know that i was BORED IN MY LIFE!

i am not saying i am bored- i am busy.

but i always feel that there is something more for myself, my girls, my husband.

im antsy.

and i just started writing and i have to go pick up my three year old.

i WILL be back. eventually. :)

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