Friday, July 31, 2009


i am quirky, and more so as i age.

just a few:

for being very germaphobic, my house is not as clean as you would think it is.
this leads me to believe that i might actually ENJOY being a germaphobe more then i like to ACT upon it. of course, i have a three year old and she destroys any and all cleaning i do on a daily basis, so....

i read cookbooks like novels. they are soo comforting.

i like to eat-and even though i have issues with my weight since i had my second little girl 5 months ago, i am not ashamed to admit that i like food and that i like to eat food, and that every time i have a fantastic memory, it pretty much involves something good to eat......and WHY dont women ever talk about food? and things to eat? and what to eat? and where? WHY is it some BIG secret? is it because secretly we are walking around thinking we are fat, so therefore we think we are fooling everbody by pretending food doesnt exist?

i will let you in on a secret- even when i am not overweight from childbearing, i STILL love food and love to talk about it too.
and i have a theory- i think we would all be our most perfect weight if we brought food back into our lives the way it was MEANT to be- sustaining, comforting, nourishing, exciting.
(especially these days with the organic, local, slow food movement, and more and more restaurants adopting this philosophy with artisinal food)

so, ladies. dont be afraid. no more of this "ill just have a water" bullshit. eat. its good for you. (if you dont like butter, we probably are not friends...)

i re-read my favorite childhood books once or twice a year.
betsy and tacy.
little house on the prairie.
a tree grows in brooklyn..
i find so much comfort as an adult in books that comforted me as a child.

and speaking of children...

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micasue said...

I really enjoy kid books sometimes. I like young ones and the ones like Coraline that are for a bit older kids.

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