Tuesday, December 22, 2009

connecting the dots.

i got a massage today and i literally felt my body let go and release. it was the best massage i have ever had.
as my body started to shift i felt like i had ephiphanies about my life and body, my body ideas and issues and how to go about change.
this massage therapist was an absolute healer.

i understand the connection of allowing myself to love myself.
this means honoring the quiet but wise voice that always seems to "know" what it is i need.
i run around all crazy and frantic half the time, the other time annoyed or overwhelmed or fearful. but that voice, which i believe comes directly from god and our angels, is what drives me to want to be better and leads my intuition. feeling my body so present got me INTO my present and i felt lighter as her hands soothed my aching muscles.
i realize that i can start however i want, but starting is what makes you go.

i felt relief. i felt gentle. i felt strong.

driving home, i realized that i am ready to let go of old ways of seeing things and have FAITH in my life, self, and destiny.
things can change a lot in twenty years, 10, 4 or 2. where i will be next year begins with my thoughts now.
i feel more hopeful.
i feel bountiful.
i feel joyful.

something shifted. it happened. i felt it. i feel it.
i hope that this new year bring lots of joyfullness to you, too.

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Goddess Leonie * GoddessGuidebook.com said...

oh yay darling... this is so beautiful... wishing you this much love & joy always!

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