Sunday, July 19, 2009

farmers markets and such.

went to the farmers market today and carried my huge day of the dead bag, you know, the kind you get in mexico, and had the baby in the sling with her sunhat on, and it was sunny so i had to pull her hat real low, and all you could see was a sunhat peeking over the black sling, and i looked at purple peppers and sheep cheese, cherry tomatoes the size of eggs and eggs the size of small eggplants,rainbow chard and kale and mid july flowers, bread, and the berries.
oh lord, the berries.
not just your ol' blueberries and blackberries, either.
but gold raspberries, marionberries, logan berries, tiny currants the color of a very elegant ladies lips, berries that were crossed with other berries, berries so fragile that they wrapped them twice, the slightest bruise turned them into jam, and they were so fragrant my car filled with their scent immediately.
i saw people carrying whole flats of them, filled with every kind of berry imaginable, a platter from the gods, but designed by the goddesses, in the hot sun they looked like jeweled beads come straight to heal us all.
the sun beat down and my baby slept and the berries and the breads, and the cheese with names like "adelle" and "valentine" and my big bag filled with chard and berries and cheese and butter (tasted like the sun itself, slathered on bread) and cucumbers and tomatoes so red and juicy they dripped all over themselves and needed no accompaniment, i bought a bouquet of these lacy, yellow flowers and the stems were so long i had to carry the flowers above my head and they engulfed my torso when i glimpsed my shadow in the asphalt. i am not a gourmet, but you sure could call me a gourmand, i love me some food, especially straight from the farm, picked/baked/prepared that day, by loving hands, slowly.
but i got me a bit of americana in me too- (all of my people and my peoples people hail from the south except for my fathers mother, who came from italy) and i can eat hash browns, grits, and biscuits with the best of em.

i wrote the above on sunday and am just now finding the time to write again....whoooo, wee, its hot and the girls are taking a nap TOGETHER, blessedly, and i think i am going to read in front of the fan.

and dream about spain.

i think we are going there..soon..

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micasue said...

ooh I love a berry! I like making pies with them, and I like soft cheeses with fruit.
I got my HM name from one time when I ran out of crepe rolls, and just used a slice of bread. I can't wait to go to the Farmer's Market this weekend.
Hope all is well with ya!

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